Pacific’s dedicated, independent in-house research team shapes the strategic direction of the firm and provides support at the individual transaction level.

From Top-Down Market Intelligence…

Pacific’s research team is tightly integrated into Pacific’s strategic planning by providing capital markets monitoring, assessments of macro economic risks, and supply and demand driven market rankings. The goal is to direct our investment activities to markets and submarkets that will provide the most consistent, reliable returns over time. To achieve this mission, Pacific’s research team synthesizes data from major third-party providers (such as REIS, RealPage, Green Street, TWR Dodge, and CoStar) to derive its own customized, proprietary forecasting models. The market forecast models are regularly updated and incorporate the latest reported data as well as revised growth assumptions when applicable.

To Individual Acquisition Support

Complementing this high-level strategic support, the research team also provides market intelligence for every Pacific acquisition. The deliverables include a detailed supply and demand forecast, a rent growth and occupancy forecast at the submarket level, and an overall research-based assessment of the opportunity to Pacific’s Investment Committee.

Proprietary Research

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